Private Music Lessons

Private Music Lesson 30 Minutes    $25.00

Private Music Lesson 60 Minutes     $50.00

We offer a discount if you buy lessons in sessions the break down of this is below (you can start at any time we have ongoing enrollment).

All students learn to read sheet music, theory is incorporated into weekly lessons, students learn to perform in a group ensemble as well as in front of an audience (if the choose to). We ask that your goals be communicated to Simonette Staff and our teachers so that we may structure your lessons with your wishes in mind. RCM Examinations or post secondary preparation offered in piano and guitar. Family discounts over and above multi-session discounts below, please ask staff.


 Spring Sessions

January to June 22 weeks 30 minutes $550.00 ($467.50 – 21.25 less)

January to June 22 weeks 60 minutes $1100.00  ($935.00 – 42.50 less)


Summer Sessions

July and August 9 weeks  30 minutes $225.00

July and August 9 weeks  60 minutes $450.00


Fall Sessions

September to December 15 weeks  30 minutes $375.00 ($318.75 – 21.25 less)

September to December 15 weeks   60 minutes $750.00 ($637.50 -42.50 less)


Full Year January to December

46 weeks 30 minutes $1150.00 ($977.50 -21.25 less)

Year   January to December

46 weeks  60 minutes $2300.00  ($1955.00 -42.50 less)


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